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Be bland
Be boring
Be really, really, y'know nothing a void, zilch, zero, nought, nothing, vacuum

Be in love 
We wanted to be loved
told ya
Blue rocks lightin up my shoulders (bling!)
See why'all niggaz know why'all need to grow up
Your album ain't out, cause I'm the hold up (ha)
to explode, 
'Cause you're taking mad long with my ID
I'm in here weekly
You know my face by now, 
Stop wasting my time, you know the deal, get me out of this
drop my draws
They like "Oh My God"

Verse 2:
Got 2000, 2-0-2
A rag top that`s candy blue
Fuck dubs, it`s 22 (soooo serious)

(Mack 10)
[Swizz beatz]
Let's get it started, get it started
Let's keep it started, keep it started
Yeah, yeah, violator the album
Go, go, go!!

Yeah, I'm feeling like Jay-Z Annotateon Reasonable Doubt
My first debut album probably be my last, it's all good though
Us COB boys we out here,