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Can't you tell by my cut why I'm pimpin'
And if I hit one time she's limpin'
And if he trick one dime he's simpin'
'Cause we don't do it like
the snitch know to get it on

24 hour ghetto jeep is at the door
Lynch mob made me how you and your goofy click
And your throat is gone, suffocating em by
[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Shake it girl, work it girl
Us thugs, we like them girlz

Little mama wit alla that (Heyy)
Let me tell you where the partys
featuring see Murder 

Verse 1 (C Murder) 

I guess its bout time for me to pay my dues 

Just got shot got blood on my shoes
seeds 300 dollars for an O-Z
And you know me stay blowed puffing and passing
You split it, dump it, lick it then stuff it wit hashing

Da roof, da roof,
need to dress warm, I brought plenty of heat
Y'all can't do nothing with this here
For one, I pack three 9's like the year
Y'all funny money hustlas
for you-
February 31st, 19-neva hate (ha ha)
I know y'all niggas ready to kill yaself, too
Just go head and do it!
Jump off a buildin', slit ya
(Believe that daddy)
Bet a hundred, shoot a hundred (Believe that daddy)
It's my block, I run it (Believe that daddy)
Got them 20's on ya ride (Believe
somethin in the street went, bang bang
Makin it hard for you to do your thang thang
Somethin in the street went, bang bang

Up in the boss game wildin',
of the muthafuckin' Humvee
So you niggaz could see me
I'm bout to do somethin' dangerous
I took the steerin' wheel from the left to right so I could look famous
the future. and
Japan people are great, it's fun to play there and you feel very confident
And convinient or whatever to play there. and japanese people are
They don't count by spokes no more, they counting by inches
Them ain't 20's on my ride, them 22's you jive bitches
Switching lane to lane,
Without you, we would not have been able to sell
as many records, we went top ten
And got real and we'll do it again
It was a long hard road, believe me
ridin' by
And say hi to plenty liquors and I know it's a sin
And if ya tell me stop drinking I'll just do it again
So when I get old I'ma rock, roll,
And ridin' on 20's is the law for us
I ain't from France, but excuse my french
F*** ya if ya hatin', n**** save that there
I been dealin' it you b****es
Yeah lets make this kind of mellow
Ant slow it up for me
We going to do this kind of cool

[Verse 1]
Always on a mellow man
Kicking rhymes that
you know I got that good weed and I got that purple drank 
Its one twenty for an eighth and two forty for a pint 
I got money in the bank so I ball
New York
But its half in Miami
Nigga move your wait
My dimes be one point O's, 20's be two point 2's
Bring a snack and some fruit punch too
And you
Bentley, fuck nigga let me steer through
You can see the chunky ass grill in your rear view
Kings wear crowns nigga, yeah kings wear crowns
hustlin' up the dirty deep
Betta watch them dirty boys down south we keep it dirty g
I know you heard of me
I got that work
Man I got that white and I
Betta Watch Dem Dirty Boys Down South We Keep It Dirty G
I Know You Heard Of Me
I Got Dat Work
Man I Got Dat White And I Got Dat Purp And I Got Dat
I was 17 ridin in that Lexus on 20's
18 and 19 payin nothing over 20
And a thousand 8 grams divided by 4 is 2-52
If you know what that mean you
damnest things
Buck buck for the paper by any meanz... 

I needs cheese no bullshit you better know it
If it's a contest to be the greediest I'ma show it
the beats
So you see them Navigators, Escalades, Benzes,
Beamers, Excursions - bumpin systems TV's and them 20's spinnin
Mob for them niggaz that done up
the beats
So you see them Navigators, Escalades, Benzes,
Beamers, Excursions - bumpin systems TV's and them 20's spinnin
Mob for them niggaz that done up