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album droppin',
And my 8 album coming,
Feedin' a thousand growling stomachs, freaks
6 miles and running got my fist straight poppin',
And my first
standing still
Promises don’t mean a thing
Like a hunt without the kill

Do we ever take the time
To see what comes and what goes by?
Do we ever stop to see
a generation's future now in doubt this groundswell hypocrisy seems reserved for the few who find courts of law but no justice who dares disrupt the ordered lives
on her face and I see them fall
It hurts (hurts) but will go on 
You're just another brother who's left his home
And family (family), yeah we cry
Throughout the generations flags of peace and treaties sworn
A decade passes by it's just the calm before the storm
An age-old situation that it
This song appears on two albums, and was first released on the It's About Time album, and has also been released on the Country Classics album
and darkness shall reign for ten thousands
Of generations...your children will be drenched in blood... Because he who kills cannot love and he who loves would
Yeah, what you critics said would never happen
We dedicate this album to anybody
People who said
We couldn't make it
To the fans that held us down
Promises broken
Hunters and healers
Now refugees

Tell me who is the savage
Who is the savior
When a people are ravaged
By hatred and greed
Those big black diamonds that lie there for me. 
By the tall white mountains which lie by the sea. 

And you a man who's as tall as the sky 
all comes from the top and it spreads right round
Treat a man wrong he's gonna pass it on down
To the next in line, who's probably his wife bringing
to urinals, niggas pissed off
I ministered this generation my fort
Leader of the new school,
On my toes like a ballerina who knew I'd be Black Swan
World in
Burn! Your! Friends! [Repeat: x4]

Living is easy
With your eyes closed by and by
Do you wake up
Do you wake up and cry at night
The evil
On the ivory plains
Where generations have fought, lost and won
A battle that is fought once every century
And thousands of lives will be wasted again

Third album less then ten thousand homie quit it
Tha game is over populated, why make it worse?
50-50 study day and night for net worth
Division and NOFX (what?)
Let's dissect this album called “Nevermind”
Produced by Butch Vig of Garbage not Sublime
Butch toured with U2, who wrote a song
and sadness through the days
I sit here by myself and cry and cry and cry and cry
Oh I guess I'll go on living cause I feel too blue tonight
She filled my

Don't kneel at my graveside and cry
I am not there, I did not die
For I am the clouds that drift on by
Don't kneel at my graveside and cry

I am
It's like awaking from a dream
All I remember is a lullaby
I couldn't tell you where I've been
A thousand images just flutter by

Takin' my time
Since you left me here crying alone
Sixty-four thousand eight hundred minutes have run
Make that sixty-four thousand eight hundred and one

But who's
the imagination of a generation 
New humans inherit the earth 
They are the masters 
Protected by Bobaflex 
All throw your blasters 
(hu- hail) 
Now if you
plots to maul nations out of shock and awe
Generation of ideas
Children who won't talk at all
Profits fall
Chalk on walls
Years spent on prison cells
"Bring back that child," she said "spare me the price of freedom.
Cold is my baby's head blown by the wind of reason"
Even the rage behind cries
Bring back that child she said spare me the price of freedom
Cold is my baby's head blown by the wind of reason
Even the rage behind cries out

Don't kneel at my graveside and cry
I am not there, I did not die
For I am the clouds that drift on by
Don't kneel at my graveside and cry

I am