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zags, dressed like pimps
And axe Ohio Players once again
Can we sample the funk?

Y'know we don't want to wear it out
We just want to lil' piece,
talented and black
When you hollerin' at labels
And they silencing you back
'Cause you fail to thoroughly discuss some violence in ya track
"Come and get some!" 

Boom boom boom on your black ass, bitch
"You could get the finger the middle!" 
"Come and get some!" 
Niggas love to point
As he is going to continue to bless you
He’s already made you the king that you are
Only one to wear the black crown
Well, I just want you to know how
Music and Lyrics by Reese Roper from album Anti-Meridian

Filthy bird laying in our yard,
Four chamber heart never beat so hard.
Dad said
performed two songs and most hate it
I'm despised by the heavens, my tombstone is post-dated
I told flex he had to wait to get my album, but I guess he
the shit I wear
You gotta love the squad-ad girl
If she ain't giving love to the whole squad-ad
Get outta here
You people love the shit I pop in your ear
takin a regular picture by the hotel St. Bonaventure
Besides I do wear a coat in the winter
And eat at beautiful restaurants

	Leave me alone, leave
Life is reality, reality is life (Sunz of Man album)
Life is reality, reality is life (Sunz of Man album)
Life is reality, reality is life (Sunz
all kids vacate
Testy to press me like a can of spray paint
Cause by the time a policeman appears
They'll be cuttin down the bodies I hang like
So get your egg crashed, by my Hellz Wind Staff
While the feature broadcast is splashed to tell the news
Like Katie Chung, how the bullet collapsed
niggaz and by the way all my niggaz move boulders
Like Barney rubble any trouble free muffle the gat
I'm young and black with a chip on my shoulder
sister be the first one to get smoked
Then I grab your grandma by her weave hair
And whip her old ass with that wooden leg she wear
I'm from the bloody
My name is Diamond, yup, you've guessed it
Ran a thousand schemes, and I've never been arrested
I guess I'm lucky, 'cause I'm young and I'm a black
I don't wanna sell yay
Get my door kicked in by the kkk
Shoulda said the police
Lookin for the quarter piece inside my caprice

from the tracks
I write in a live journal and wear thick rimmed glasses 
I tell my friends I bleed black and cry during classes 
I'm just a bad, cheap imitation
Okay, welcome to my 12 bar
The beat, wears it like a kevlar
As I smoke my tree, medlar, South African
Coughing 'til there's pains in my fucking
game, holding hands
Sit back and just bug, think about that
Would he get that type of dap if his name was Woody Black?
O.J. found innocent by a jury
think about that
Would he get that type of dap if his name was Woody Black?
O.J. found innocent by a jury of his peers
And they been fuckin with that
normal off of drugs
I just don't get it

And then I saw John Cale
he's been looking really great
He's been coming by the office to exercise with me
Yo, I bought that album man, it's wack man
I'm tellin you, I don't like it
I'ma be honest man
I'm dead up, I'm serious
I don't
to explode, 
'Cause you're taking mad long with my ID
I'm in here weekly
You know my face by now, 
Stop wasting my time, you know the deal, get me out of this
to your man
When you open what you open mouth covered by your other hand

Brother its the first time that you heard, second time that you played