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Goes into every song creation 

The first and second album rocked you 

Third album made you think and got through 

Didn't you think I knew?
I need a fan, whew
Cool me off wipe me down
Daddy is back in town
With the back of my Caddy slanted down
And the mack goes +black+ if you ask
down (tell 'em girl)

Ay yo, my rolls be Liberace
And my bedroom is off the hook all day, designed by Versace
Y'all just watch me, this is how I blow
of mouth
Ya, you know me

Where you gonna hide?
When the sun goes down, and the lights in the city get low
Where you gonna hide?
When your peeps ain't
life through (that's right)
He's been walking through the rain (rain)
Until that day he run for you (uh huh, uh huh)
And the sun came pouring down
out to play after the sun goes down
Ain't got no money but I gotta lotta love
The fridge is empty but the belly is stuffed
Happy New Year, gonna be