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Michael Martin Murphey

From my window shadows of the buildings in the night
Run like a river, broken only by city lights
Running like a thousand
Say ho, everybody say ho
By the way yo
I said shake your soul like way back in the day-yo
By the way yo, everybody say ho
Everybody say,
I love you, I have all your albums!..)

They stay on nigga patrol on american roads
And when you travel abroad they got world nigga law
Some folks
you could run that shit back
And fuck your loud pack, and fuck your Snapchat
Cherry Bomb, the greatest fuckin' album since the days of sound
And that
the sex on me
I've got scars for days, I'm so tribal
You're not Ghana made, you're not Michael
I can spar and spray with my idols
Look, if I slap your
let Michael Jordan be my stylist
I'll rock one of them baggy ass Tracy McGrady suits
I've been poppin' since I was 5, that was in '82
Believe that,
is worse than wasting money
Tryna pay all my bills by the monthly
Until they get somebody to Michael dumb me
And we went from homeless and hungry