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Yea G-Unit

I think I gotta have it
Its keeps pullin' me in like a magnet
Going with this kinda music puts me right back on the block, block
From the album donovan

There's a Brave New World awaiting all you kids out there
With a brand new way of getting through your day there
Don't you
Smash down Lennox, head up to the 'View
Some reporter wanna holla and I said it was cool
Wanna know about the album and the Enemy's new
How P.E.
sounding very good,
They look very good, and kids over there really appreciate good music and
Stuff. and I think the next time we're gonna play
his shirt, he opens up a cold one
Ol' Carl Dean's a fool, but it takes one to know one

Music's playing up and down the block
Mostly Christian, blues,
Ain't gettin' me off 
Everywhere I go the kids want to rock 

London to L.A. 
Talkin' 'bout the New Wave 
For a couple of bucks 
You get
(Earl Montgomery)
« © '66 Combine Music »

Well the two new people that's moved to the middle of the block
And we're at the top of the town
This neighborhood is full of mutts
Barking kids and arguments
People yell from block to block
And quiet down by ten o'clock

They blow their
the kids in America
We're the kids in America
Everybody live for the music-go-round

Come closer, honey that's better
Got to get a brand new experience
crap ain't gettin' me off
Everywhere I go, the kids want to rock

London to LA
Talk about the New Wave
For a couple of bucks ya get a weird haircut
Listen to a spin
Make it into the shape
You want it in

Earth and fire and wind conspire
With human hands, and love, and fire

Words and Music by Bill
new one form Tracy Chapman

My man Paris with a brand new album
Yossour N Dour, Black Uhuru, Living Color, Vinx, Foley
Chaka Kahn, Follow 4 Now, KRS One
YO, is in this to win this 
No jokin, I'm gettin paid fully 
You want to buy the cassette, stop by Sam Goody
With yellow eyes  my green face  my pink and white afro 
I'm no toy kid  your style is made by Hasbro 
G'niff gnapp  you think you got that real
like tata I rock music
I try to bisect for life like a Jewish kid
And me running in the block like a new kid

That's like hu!
Not in a ? print

I know
my thing
Millie Vanilli did they thing
New Kid's on the Block, RuPaul 
all them bitches and everybody else did they thing
And you ain't do no
all bought my new album 
I know everybody in Brooklyn bought it 
Everybody in Jersey bought it 
Everybody in uptown bought it 
Eveerybody in
damn well, we are some partying mothafuckas

Tired of these rappers, tired of these jackers
Tired of these dances by these fucking backpackers
a helicopter crashing in lava
Still sweeter to the ladies than a box of Godiva
Music industry is like a game of cops and robbers
Too many Indians, no chiefs
number anyway you were on the talcum
Powder, how's about them oranges
Moved away from home to school with big plans
By day, studied the history of music
To East Philadelphia 
There's a new one 
Comin' I warn you 

We're the kids in America 
We're the kids in America 
Everybody live for the music go
it look live
They gave her forty years in New Orleans, callin me ?
Shorty was young, by three days had a great bid


You're just worms
D block
(D block)
(New Lox)
Envy, whattup my nigga?
Larsiny! Haha, aiyyo yo

If the hammer don't work then the pump gon' get you
the Okay-players and the Spitkickers
Rawkus got a deal with MCA, thats the grey area
But let us come from music cemetery of America
They try to fool you by
the young ones are growing
We're the kids in America (whoa)
We're the kids in America (whoa)
Everybody live for the music-go-round

Bright lights,