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Stack O' Dollars Trk 14 2:53
Sleepy John Estes
(James Estes)
Sleepy John Estes - guitar & vocal
With: Noah Lewis - harmonica
Jab Jones - piano & Yank
[Verse 1]
I remember waking up
Running down a dirt road
Morning dew a shinin', watermelon by the wagon load
Little baby brother and my sisters in
But down here I got a list of what I like

Eating tater tots and pussy
Sucking Mountain Dew and tits
Kick my grandpa in his nutsack
Then I suck my
And we can have a party just the two of us yeah

Yeah, praise this beat
To the almighty Xaphoon Jones, The Knocks, Chiddy

She came to dance
Before I die, hope I, remake a flow by
In the brand new treasure on a old try
Now when my third dry, even when the smoke lie
Eat the mami's chocha