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The Wang Dang Taffy-Apple Tango (Mambo Cha Cha Cha)

-Artist: Pat Boone from "Pat Boone's Greatest Hits"-Dot DLP 25455
-peak Billboard position #
-previously a number one R&B hit for writer Hunter in 1950
-Words and Music by Ivory Joe Hunter

When I lost my baby (baby)
I almost lost my mind
When I
logical fuck an obstical bitch
How can I make twelve albums
All them gold and platinum's
And I am still clowin'
It ain't hard
I used to be a broke
Check this shit out right here, uh

E Pluribus Unum is the album I'ma drop
It'll make you bitch niggas as hard as rocks
Giving head
bust, fuck up their flow, Yuk untouchable
Platinum make a nigga tuck his gold, Ice up his robe
My lyrics touch your soul, make bitches rush the flow
I'm like a dopefiend shakin in the alley fiendin for a hit
Can you bring this? 
Huuuh, when I listen to your tape, I can feel it

take Don Cartagena, as your lawfully wedded husband 

Now by the power invested in me, by me 

I pronounce you husband and wife 

[Fat Joe
Artist: Flesh-N-Bone f/ Big Punisher, Fat Joe
Album: T.H.U.G.S. (Trues Humbly United Gatherin' Souls)
Song: No Mercy

[Fat Joe]
Yeah, real
tapes hit the store, they sell so quick
You can tell by my big fat royalty check
It's just a Dangerous thing when I'm on the mic
And the local police
[Redman] Negroes!!!!!!!! 
(repeat 6X) [Hit Squad] The head banger WHAT? 
[Hit Squad] The head banger 
Parrish Smith gettin wreck 
[Hit Squad]
ain't platinum, they album still, went barely wood 

I bring your ? down, samples now you have to clear it 

Niggaz talkin shit like lyric records, I
you nigga,
I got the 40/40 made by two jiggas,
I make you "Holla, Holla", I Ja Rule niggas!
The lion's in the room, what up Fat Joe?
I'm Curtis'
you done heard about these ballers
We puttin' it down 'til ya platinum
Mo Thugs debut, respresentin' the Land we the bomb-ass album
We out, comin' in
Why'all think that I'm done, Run don't got no flow?
What is you loco? I'm grande gato pa-po
Run and Bo, D.M.C. and Fat Joe
Fo' cats on the same track got
the Hiat on P Street nigga,
Been gettin' money nigga,
Seven years strong nigga,
Two platinum albums nigga,
'Bout to be three,
Hey nigga,
[sample of "If and When" by The Three Degrees + Fat Joe]
I can see loneliness, heading my way
The light, of love has blown out (it's a new day
[sample of "If and When" by The Three Degrees + Fat Joe]
I can see loneliness, heading my way
The light, of love has blown out (it's a new day
the platinum Daytons
I'm not that BG popping all that junk
About "I'll fuck you up", he sound like a punk
I been there and done that, no inspiration
All day
and dreds
Bounce, rock while rollerskatin'
on them 20 inch tyres wit the platinum Daytons

I'm not that BG poppin' all that junk
about "I'll fuck you
We can get down, we can we can get down
It's like that man, it's like that (yes!)
Check it!

I'm not your average MC with the Joe Schmoe flow
a Falcon, Cougar or a Mustang
Me and Freddy B used to hit the turfs
With a bag of tapes putting in work, bitch
In '83 you hit a house party
A dollar get

When I said that I'm goin platinum, sellin rhymes
I went platinum, seven times
And still they ill they want to see us fry
I guess because of only
holdin' Christ
On a platinum chain, surrounded by ice
Sinister Cyrus, you can't deny this
Because the lightheads
Brokin' and tokin's been replaced by
So get your egg crashed, by my Hellz Wind Staff
While the feature broadcast is splashed to tell the news
Like Katie Chung, how the bullet collapsed
your spleen and chest
There's a darkside of Texas too, word to syndicate
No matter how intricate shit gets, the hit you get
Joe Crack, yeah man