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a boy
When I work out Puba go see Roy's
next to thirty-three, where Stud lives
You won't catch the Puba doin nothin negative
Now honey don't like me
Loyal fans and newfound followers
Whassup y'all? Hello how are you doin out there?
You're chillin I'm winnin
Oh by the way the album's out go get
in 1966, when he was twenty.
The first recording of this song was by Ronnie Burns in Australia. It was a top 20 hit for him in Australia in July 1967.
of hits coming at this hour
This is WMFW FM
This hour we got Bob Marley
The sounds of Miriam Makeba, Muta Baruka

We got the live music group Gumbo coming
This life we gon' live it up
When the dough gets tough we gon' get it up
Anybody hate on us, we hit 'em up
Baby we can't be touched, niggas give it up
[Chorus] (Ja Rule)
This life we gon' live it up
When the dough gets tough we gon' get it up
Anybody hate on us, we hit 'em up
Baby we can't be touched,
Mafio (mafio), Niggaz know (niggaz know)
When them real live g's hit the door (hit the door)


I got a 22, not much bigger than my finger
mixed with a Roy
Smoke what make a nigga trip collide
What took me how fast, you could grip a 9
Damn, look at how that hollow tip hit his spine
[Verse 1: Trina]
Icy blue rocks on my arm I shop at Malone for Louie Vinton
The diamond diva miss Cinderella, Versace gown by Donna Tella
Shot that ricochets 
Start trouble bust bubbles 
Hit the wicked ways 
Gotta love me 
G-O-D no one above me 
Look up but fuck ugly 
across the globe
On the return trip
It be the niggas
The niggas that live by the code of blood honor
My Flipmode niggas
Straight bring you that shit
But Bone and Darkchild make hits like linebackers

Can I live?
If you wanna be in my shoes then get in
You can talk the talk but don't live
painted (yeah)
More colorful than Kelis naked
Your skills is least debated and your album least awaited
Even Big Tigger wouldn't let you in "Tha Basement"
got beatings cause the girl loved drama
In single parenthood there I stood
By the time she was 21, had another one
This one’s a girl, let’s name her pam
uncle sterling got the latest
I strive to be live ’cause I got no choice
And run my own business like my aunt joyce
So pete rock hit me, nuff respect
what an artist should be
Should they be someone with prosperity
And no concept of reality?

Now, who you know without any flaws?
That lives above
cause the Kane said so
This is the dance floor groove of the album
Presented to you all live from Calvin
Whoops! I meant to say Mister Cee
The disc
what Waco see
Then hit the district then visit to Jac-o-be
I like my diamonds colored, watch it smothered
Show off at the place of jewels, let the white
I bleed concrete

And when I move, I move out with the raw
I move out with the squad
To his album we ride we so mob
I throw lives and lowest
soldier shit
Keep on servin' 'em, 'cause you know we do work
Mashin'' in my Chevy down the streets of New York, they feel me
I smooth grip, and hit up
a hear this on the radio

Yeah, uh huh, okay
Once upon a time in College Park
Where they live life fast and they scared of dark
There was a little nigga by
Analyzed by report cards, hard to live a life
when you're forced to.. 

UAHH, within the, PIPES of the system
Where as a vision with classism
which means
the ghost of Biggie
My mind state
Like the crime rate
I think I'm John Gotti
Hit niggaz in the head, with that all red Ferrari
Like the black Liberace
Tossing a your bitch you slip we hit now we tossing a clips
Bossing and shit next thing I'm bubling and cavi
cause if the cold world air maxs
All the dubs
life, as much as your possesions?
Don't be a stupid nigga, learn a lesson
I'm gon' get you either way, and it's better to live
Let me get what's