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Now on with the show 

(It's Tha Liks baby) 
(It's Tha Liks baby) 

One two, one two 
I got a tape in my ride, made by Homicide 
Ralph M
had me listenin' to Boyz II Men
I'm tryna be at all the dope boy events
Food stamps, now we dinin' on islands
Diced pineapples, now she's my piƱa
Coast Family, Boyz To Men, ABC, BBD
Now flip the tracks D
My mother is mad and my brother is Red
Mario Brothers, bed
Last but not least I wanna say
I travel the land with the SP in my hand
Rock from New York, London and Japan
It`s time to take command expand to higher lands
P.H. the next man
Give me the cue
Skip the introduction
Proceed the lip function
The junction get rushed by some grimy people busting weed
Splatter your melons like
'cause my mother said be home by dizzark.
But before I go I'm gonna flow for you in time, see.
So listen to the rhyme, G.
The East Coast Family, Boyz
my first album bout the brothers is back like men in black same city as Will
Freeway know for pulling the gat out all ya stacks haters want to rap
on airplanes like B.o.B
Canibus, Wu-Tang, you know our history but hats off
When we rap this Jack Frost we outline the track chalk
Thank God for the one-two
backs and buckle knees
Fuck the bullshit, I get down wit the two clips
And do shit, I shoot more shit then the troops hit

But tonight's tonight,
a place where them niggaz don't, talk no shit
where them wigs get split, where the guns forever click
where the track stars come to warm up for a race