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    Together You And I Lyrics
yours. Acknowledgements: First off, I wanna
Thank God. And I wanna thank everybody for helping me out
With this. Couldn't do it without you. Chapter 1
Wall, with the wood out my grill
I can do a girl wrong, and she goin' be by me still
I can get caught cheating on my feet, maybe she will
Never leave,
on Moi , Holla Baby
No Love of the X ,on that note T tell Kelly I got that motivation
Look, I beg someone try find Max Online Let her know I wanna smash
Steppin to me is like "Self Destruction"
I don't malfunction, nor do I get high
Before you disrespect, you better buy my album
Better yet, the first chapter
I needed to grow up a little first
Looks like I hit a growth spurt
But I am coming for closure
Don't suppose an explanation I'm owed for
The way
it's a hit, before Chamillionaire even start on a track 
I pull up in slow motion, like my car on a flat 
Trunk going up, like directions that you saw