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Irv Gotti
Game back on his shit, I'm enemies with everybody
Game cook crack, transform to Yayo
The new Suge Knight nigga, minus the K, yo!
I keep
manifestations of the Guru."
Rest in peace!
Keith E.E.!

It's the gifted, his presence was so influential
Unlimited, that was his reach and his potential
a part of it
And his presence I didn't even acknowledge it
Knew I was wrong, he shoulda at least had a song
It wouldn't be me without No I.D., and Twilite
We straight

Extra, extra read all about it
The Legit Ballers came out with with an unbelievable album
Fuck a truce put the side on the news
(Spoken by the Gangsta)
Hmmph! A dedication to all them homeboys a
Nd all them homegirls out there that done passed away
Dirty boys dedicate this
the chill breeze which skittered over the plain. And finally, astride his azure-shaffroned warhorse and surrounded by his elite guard, the silvern-armoured
glitters hard drive
Certified Wise throws a jam that's so hot it'd
Make a married man give up his annual blowjob
You better show something, with heading no