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This song appears on four albums, and was first released on the Autograph Album, and has also been released on the Greatest Hits Vol 3, John Denver
I Almost Lost My Mind

-Artist: Pat Boone from "Pat Boone's Greatest Hits"-MCA: MCAC 10885
-peak Billboard position # 1 for 4 weeks in 1956
I can talk about awards
Fuck the fantasies, yo I got all four
And 2001'll be mine, by law
Why name the Greatest Of All Times?
Because for fifteen
The Wang Dang Taffy-Apple Tango (Mambo Cha Cha Cha)

-Artist: Pat Boone from "Pat Boone's Greatest Hits"-Dot DLP 25455
-peak Billboard position #
Now they wanna hear a country nigga rap
Five albums in, I swear a country nigga snap
Thought they wanted trap, thought they wanted bass
Thought they
niggaz and by the way all my niggaz move boulders
Like Barney rubble any trouble free muffle the gat
I'm young and black with a chip on my shoulder
album went six thousand on niggas
In Kansas City alone, we packed the dome with Mike and Liddy alone
In the west side, Lee Jone, Milly Mal, I left you
you're down to fight the power here's the power to fight
Overpower the mic, hit the crowd with the bomb diggy
Ring the alarm, now the squads with me
Yes sir!
Just the sound of his voice is a hit!
Y'all niggas got me really confused out there
I make "Big Pimpin" or "Give It 2 Me", one of those
I heard your style and I beat you nigga
Your whole album I sleep through nigga
'cause 'Te's an avalanche so call an ambulance
And tell 'em to pick
limit soldier
Y'all ain't ready, get motherfuckin' ready, and hit 'em up mia

[mia x]
Open it up, make way for a bitch that's down
Stand aground and move
Yes sir, just the sound of his voice is a hit
Y'all niggaz got me really confused out there
I make 'Big Pimpin'' or 'Give It To Me' one of those
and maybe make a little cash
Jumped down with Big Tyme, put down a few songs
Everybody co-signed saying that we could do no wrong

Then hit the streets with
A on the map and maybe make a little cash
Jumped down with Big Tyme, put down a few songs
Everybody co-signed saying that we could do no wrong

Then hit
a mil before my album hit the shelves
And I ain't talkin' bout no signin' bonus (uh-uh)
'Tics went platinum to remind ya homey
I'm not a restroom so
you done heard about these ballers
We puttin' it down 'til ya platinum
Mo Thugs debut, respresentin' the Land we the bomb-ass album
We out, comin' in
group 4
And you got defeat by the one u need 2 for
These other spitters ain't hot they are lukewarm
Have you ever seen a grime spirit in it's true form
that I catch and I throw back
And by the way, give 50 Cent his flow back
You that cat in the club that get hit with a bottle
Fuckin' with me? You better
greatest hits with a hint of 2Pacalypse
And I feed my dog gun powder, carve crucifx on hollow tips
I do not exist, all this weed why I need a therapist
thing like Spike Lee
Bye bye wifey make him lose his Nike's (uh uh, yeah)
Hit the road
Mami told me in order to, find a prince
You gotta kiss some
sign language 
I hit worlds, and my strange sperm gives birth 
to septuplet lady plants 
Check my tympanic titanic time pulse 
By the grace
left, and some just comin' by
A little later probably a little hater
And they goin' feel the faders
Tryin' to prove they the greatest
And they still
putting my ex in a song even though the last one went triple platinum
I’d rather put that energy into what's worth having
Like how I got a platinum album
the ground slowly
I'll sing all of your greatest hits, oldies on karaoke

[Chorus: x2]
snickers with no nuts no satisfaction.

I hustle and flow, mighta been by my cheese since I was knee high.
Weed what you need, hit me I'ma drop off