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This song appears on two albums, and was first released on the Windsong album, and has also been released on the Country Classics album.

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#56 The Moon Is Made Of Gold

Rickie Lee Jones (1990)
Double Bass: Rob Wasserman (song collected in Rob Wasserman's album Duet)
#56 The Moon Is Made Of Gold

Rickie Lee Jones (1990)
Double Bass: Rob Wasserman (song collected in Rob Wasserman's album Duet)
dreaming that I see the gleaming
Down in the dark deep underground

Well it's nearly two years since I left my own mother
For adventure and gold by
This song was first released on the Some Days Are Diamonds Album. It is the only album it appears on.

For someone who's got everything, life can
and by ear

And then she'd find the ancient album,
With its pages turned gold
And the crayon-colored paper star
I made so long ago
But brighter than any
nigga rap
Five albums in, I swear a country nigga snap
Thought they wanted gold, thought they wanted shine
Thought they wanted radio, bitch make up your
logical fuck an obstical bitch
How can I make twelve albums
All them gold and platinum's
And I am still clowin'
It ain't hard
I used to be a broke
Movin' in my land cruise 'cause my Lexus caught a flat
So had to take it back
Gold and platinum albums bought me gold and platinum credit cards
I work
And shunned by society. In 1979 he released a double album called
"Plans For Suicide," announced his retirement, and hasan't performed in
Public since he's now
by Bin Laden
So September 11th marks the era forever
Of a revolutionary Jay Guevero

Now it's a whole museum of, Hov' MCers
Everybody dupin
Just point out the bounce
Yes, just point out the bounce nigga
Yo, listen

Rumor has it "The Blueprint" classic
Couldn't even be stopped by Bin
Definitely not the usual way to start an album, but by this time we were doing things our own way, and not for booming record sales. The song was
gold Raekwon first album
Nothing but a G thing like when Dre met Calvin
That's the type of shit I'm made of
That's the type of shit I'm made of

I met you in a club in Atlanta Georgia
Said me and my homeboy were coming out with an album
You look at me like yeah nigga right
But you gave me you
and four albums that went gold
I represent a Benz, BMW and a Cherokee
And still the industry won't respect me
Yeah, they give a lot of respect and props
With yellow eyes  my green face  my pink and white afro 
I'm no toy kid  your style is made by Hasbro 
G'niff gnapp  you think you got that real
(I'm comin'.) 
How ya comin', baby? 
(I'm comin'.) 
This is how I'm comin'. 

The album that I'm comin' with is rough, the flavor's mean.
fake it,to make it
If my album went gold I'd still be the greatest
Back in the days I would get caught for trulency
But now I'm puttin' money back in
his murder case
I used to jam Run D.M.C
Monie Love, MC Lyte, and Biz Markie

When LL was bad with that gold rope phone
Back when niggas used beepers,
the Nineteen Naughty Nine MC 

Microphone controller, master of ceremonies 

So remember why you hate me 

I'm Naughty By Nature you're Severed By
under my arm
Smoke charm and learn about this world's ?
Revelation the world cooks
I spit gold versus the pearl hooks
The first album made the world
Words thrillin', so real they're chillin', the hit author
Gettin' louder than a shot gun, you don't want none
Rhyme pays was the name of the album
and my man Rick got millions of gold albums
(That's a lie) I'm gettin' cold money every day
(You're a liar)
You'll need a wheel barrow for all that shit in
Droppin' jams that slammed on every radio program
And bam, got damn, look where I am
The first album, long live the kane, it sold
About umm aww fukkit it