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emcee's fiercely
Focus upon the facts that facts can be fabricated to form lies
My phonetics alone forces feeble emcees into defense on the fly
Feel me,
Dear God
The patient's best intentions have sadly faltered 
Despite his newly installed, varnished brain, and being
Force-fed gallons of viscous
Dear God, 
The patient's best intentions have sadly faltered. 
Despite his newly installed, varnished brain, and being
Force-fed gallons
make the false images
One swing from the sickle, ahh, your life diminishes
Sting like the scorpion, strike with the force of kin
My blood is known
like the scorpion, strike with the force of ten, 
My blood is gonna revitalisethe corpse of men, 
And the last thing they said they'd never walk again,
I'll start  cause only Jah will create it 

I'll just name it  Edutainment 

People sit and they look at my album 

like a problem, they try
As you stare into the depths of darkness
Illusions of your mind pressured by horror
Standing on a plain of desolation
The streams of frozen
they askin' what happened to you

Lord forgive him, he got them dark forces in him
But he also got a rightous 'cause for sinnin'
Them a murder me so
The second album full of same old songs 
Fighting back against a system which is cruel and wrong 
Yet another battering ram against a wall of power
With yellow eyes  my green face  my pink and white afro 
I'm no toy kid  your style is made by Hasbro 
G'niff gnapp  you think you got that real
you don't know me by now, you'll never know
Stepping on my critics, beating on my foes
The plan is to stay focused, only then I can grow
dark forces in him
But he also got a righteous cause for sinning
Them-a-murder me, so I gotta murder, them
First emergency, doctors performing
Indeed truly we are the mighty mighty BDP posse 
This is our fourth album and we're still not takin' no shorts 
Yeah, ha hah! 
On the wheels
You must prove, you're a man

See now I'm back wit the force, read about the kid
From the front to the back of The Source
You see me back
black ridin' shotgun
Black four-five, black Air Ones
Bangin' "The Black Album," track #1
She like that Jay shit, that's her favorite
If it's gon' get
Spinning whirlwinds in Wheatfield's
While my force fields repel four winds for broken seals
Numbered Sedative
Bending my brethren, breaking bread with Yeshua
à quoi il sert
À t’faire un drive-by sur Nanaï en KSR si tu tiens pas ta parole
Croise-moi sur Soi Cowboy, ou Soi Nana
Si t’es tombé sur un ladyboy,
the angels
The scorpion tongue
Come close I'ma sting you, I'm Morpheus' son
Part two to The Matrix, I'm atheist
Only God is my gauges and the clip is my church

[Movie Sample]
Many people feel haunted
By what they call evidence of evil forces in the world
They see genocide, senseless violence, plagues
Me think dip dy dip to the socialize 
Of americal not America mer 
Medler rich peddler "hold up? 
Which ways up whatever high 
Heather by bush push
at your catscan
In between albums, I've become a masked man like Batman

And stalk my own rap fans
I'm like a madman fightin a war
Throwin lightning
Stop bitin'
Using styles that you know
That ain't yours
Stop bitin'
Changing sounds
Every album you do
Stop bitin'
Reciting lines
I done
still want to know when the album coming out
Ask the teenagers, OG's and Ask the kids
What they definition of Classic is
Timeless, cause age don't
Droppin' jams that slammed on every radio program
And bam, got damn, look where I am
The first album, long live the kane, it sold
About umm aww fukkit it
Everybody on my team is winners
Everybody on your team beginners
Why you do that, rapper? Fucking new-jack rappers
Flinch when I walk by cause I