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when we get together,
It's like Lena Horne singin' Stormy Weather
We can get loose and kinky
Be my teddy bear, forget your every care,
I'm a lover, a provider
I'm a teacher, I'm a fighter
I know there's grace for me even when I'm wrong
Through all my indiscretions and all my
know about that
look out for the Hood Starz album by the Git It Boyz
You know, shout out to the Trak Starz
They in da building Buck Ban and Zoe
When you're all I wake up for each day?

Baby, you're my soul and my heart's inspiration
You're all I've got to get me by
You're my soul and my
"Well, since we're recording tonight, 
And we're ah, we're indebted to you to 
Let us be on your album. We have to thank 
You for that, this is
-previously a number one R&B hit for writer Hunter in 1950
-Words and Music by Ivory Joe Hunter

When I lost my baby (baby)
I almost lost my mind
When I
the vestibule
Praying for his life

Is it a gun? Is it a knife?
Is it a wallet? This is your life
It ain't no secret
It ain't no secret
No secret, my
it play.
One if by land, two if by sea, three if by chance.
Four for the door, five for the sky, six in my pants.
Check this shit out right here, uh

E Pluribus Unum is the album I'ma drop
It'll make you bitch niggas as hard as rocks
Giving head
underneath I knew how much I'd hurt her
For I'd put teardrops in my mama's eyes

In my mama's eyes I've never done a wrong thing
I was still a baby in my
Kylie Said to Jason
All lyrics transcribed by Dave Datta
I'm gonna leave this body now
I'm gonna leave this body now
remember the night
I covered myself with baby powder, so my black ass could be light
Cause God is white, and Bo Derek is a ten
I hate my black skin, it's
goin' suck a nigga dick
For a new outfit
And even if the sky come falling
Bitch I'ma still be high
I got faith in my weed man
But lil niggas got yay by
I'm straight check me out
Sort of like Malcolm at the
They callin'' for me, my time is money no automor
See baffle bar I keep it pushing no aura
that is, nothing takes Him by surprise. Aaron was right. I changed the line.

You said, "I love the world"
"I love what you've done for me"
You let my
(P. Wilson, A. Watkins, S. May) 
Producer: Absolute 
Album: Twenty Four Seven (99) 
I'm feeling low, I tear out my hair
Walking 'round in
your disease
Don't need your silly jive
I was an innocent by-stander
I was middle of the roadman for you
Then you took me for a ride, now baby
In this album there’s a picture
Of the ladies at Daniela’s
You can tell it’s from the eighties
By the volume of their hair
There’s Usnavi, just
The most amazing feeling I feel
Words can't describe the feeling, for real
Baby, I paint the sky blue
My greatest creation was you
You, glory (oh
down like that for the nine-seven 
This is my dialogue on this album 
It's Magoo's album featuring me, Timbaland 
'Cause he's so ill, I can't even rap
rough brother,
Word to my grandmother.
I buck you in the head just to let ya know.
Stick you for ya dough, spit on the flo',
Drag it out of ya, bring
a'gain to smile
She said, 'Now, I thought I could use you for my a-man a while
Lord, if you just don't let my, Herman catch ya 'ere!
Now, an if ya just
the endin'
My short stories winnin' and keep the beats spinnin'

You know the name, P.E.!
You know the game, P.E.!
We ain't for the game
We for
ourselves, sometimes
See I've been having this on my mind
For a long time
I just want it to be
You and me
Like It used to be, Baby
But ya don't know how
For those that think Hov' fingers bling bling'n
Either haven't heard the album or they don't know english
They only know what the single is,