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För Sent För Edelweiss (Håkan Hellström) · Pamela Means Jazz Project, Vol. 1 (Pamela Means) · Meets Pamela & Llem Hird (Don Ewell) · Pamela Sanabria Sings Operetta & Musical Favorites (Pamela Sanabria) · Live För Dig (Lars Winnerbäck) · Ett Slag För Dig (Tomas Andersson Wij) · Känn Ingen Sorg för Mig Göteborg (Håkan Hellström) · Jag Är Inte Rädd För Mörkret (Kent) · Ett Slag För Dig (Tomas Andersson Wij) · The Complete Halloween Party Album (Ben Howard) – and 90 other albums »

In this album there’s a picture
Of the ladies at Daniela’s
You can tell it’s from the eighties
By the volume of their hair
There’s Usnavi, just
HMV at the cash register, girls tryin to make me buy CD's 
Soft jazz and homo R&B 
I ain't payin for that Allure shit 
Walkin by Bloomingdales
    Enemy Lyrics
    by The Weeknd

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[9th Prince]
Yoaw! Whattup
This right here, is an explosion
For all the radio stations
Across United Nations, United States
Word up, turn this up
feel like Halloween 
I have no real problems but I like to make believe 
I stole my sister's mascara now I'm grounded for a week 
Sulking and writing