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What's up n****z? 
This the colonel(hu-haha) 
Mr. M-P(n****)(haha) 
Come 1 come all, TRU n****z ball(I told why'all) 
I know there's n****s out
for me. 
The whole pop world. 

This is a phat beat, by the way. 
And I'm talkin' P.H. phat. 
Thank you uh, to uh, DJ Lethal. 
For this phat beat.
a gritty fiend for, 
Money, power, respect, get it by any means uh,
New Yorker, slick talker, walk like a brick flipper,
Decimal doctor, multiply to get
my building man, its the Carter
I'ma show y'all the ins the outs the ups the down, know what I'm talking bout
This is me fourth solo album baby, I came
In today's music news: the ever-controversial 2Pac Shakur
Has just released another album under the alias "Makaveli"
Music insiders are running
The shot is slow pan, monitor guffawing
Flooded p.d. blotter under horizontal coffee
More to follow, outside tweakers are in love
Teeny Raquel Welch
of the slums
With a shot that go, for twisted metal for cash flow
React slow nigga and get, P.L.O
By the lone gunner, who took revenge for his brother
Who got
To the top wit my niggas
Pop wit my niggas
Drive by in whips, rock rocks wit my niggas
Break day on the hottest block wit my niggas
Just cause I 
North west south west south side
Spit it for them bitches and
Niggas who stay fly
B-Mack, Roc-a-fella till I die
Met Jay, dropped on a album in
met, we wasn't on the same page
From pettiness understandings that got cleared up with age

Two young boys who was ready to mash
Put P A on the map
first met, we wasn't on the same page
From pettiness understandings that got cleared up with age

Two young boys who was ready to mash
Put P
Tragedy Khadafi!
The Foul Mahdi!

Life's a bitch - we open her up like see-sections
Pour liquor on the asphalt for my dogs restin'
It's foul sport -
[Master P]
Come 1 come all, true niggas ball (I told ya),
I know there's niggas out there wait'n fo' the fall

[Chorus: x2]
After Dollars, No
featuring J Treds 


Mr. Len  a.k.a. Space Ghost  please commence intro 

Company Flow  perform  J Treds  prepare 

El P
Me think dip dy dip to the socialize 
Of americal not America mer 
Medler rich peddler "hold up? 
Which ways up whatever high 
Heather by bush push
Suge Shot Me
In today's music news: the ever controversial Tupac Shakur has
Just released another album under the alias Makaveli.
Music insiders are
the cool in you
Or it'll be a sad love song being sung by Toni Braxton
And I'll dissect you like a fraction
Oh, you wannabe top cat MCs, I'll pop you like
the microphone doctor
One wrecks, the other destroys
And if you think that you're ready to mess (kill the noise)
We don't play when it's time to slay
I take a cut
by The Joker
Lorraine said I never can leave her
She'd sever my wiener I ever deceive her

F*** that s***, b****
Give up my dick for p****, I'd be
Dreams no tolerance
Cut you at the house and haven't hollered since
Get bored quickly
He stay grown
So the p-a-tr??n had to get poured quickly
Ex girl
crack, head crack" 
Verse Four: Redman 
SURPRISE NIGGAZ! The original P-Funk funks you up 
I take a hit from a spliff then I get biz with the NEW CUT
Yeah old school part one feel it
The realest, Who be the realest
Them niggaz stay
Infamous minded

you've been blinded
Cut on your
Infamous minded
You've been blinded
Cut on your face
Fucking with these mobb giants
They are the victims
We be the victors
Sometime a nigga gotta step up
get out of it
Any and all should fall, many are small should call
Naughty By Nature the creator of all y'all
Show hope, show no hope and can't cope,
shaking ale
And say "free young struggle" who's not making bail
He got popped by the feds
Fuck the cops! Take an L
Fuck it take M-N-O-P, learn how to spell