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This one's for the brothers
The brothers, the brothers
Said I be rappin' for da ladies
What's up ladies?
But this one's for da brothers
albums cost a fifth per track
And so your favorite band
They don't make that second album
Dropped by their label 'cause they can't pay it back

(Spoken by the Gangsta)
Hmmph! A dedication to all them homeboys a
Nd all them homegirls out there that done passed away
Dirty boys dedicate this
performed two songs and most hate it
I'm despised by the heavens, my tombstone is post-dated
I told flex he had to wait to get my album, but I guess he
to buy your single, nigga hell no!
If you dubbin' this right now 'stead of buyin' my album

CHORUS [Kardinal Offishall] (Circle crew)