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the ghetto it's the same story 
Ciggarette butts and cold coffee, black faces 
and white mouths, they cry out, for the White House 
Ain't no wealth shared,

	(Funky child) (Funky funky style)  (Scratched by Lord Jazz 6x)

Well um, back up baby, here come the schooler
We're hit when we dry
The year is 1971. 
Now comes the first of the children of Roton
Lords of the Underground witness the birth of the funky child
Doitall hit 'em
was shoe box and lint
I only write raps just to give you niggas hits
Every verse a gift, as you smoke like a chimney
My album coming November, that's
This perspective is a real one, another lost Ville son
I dedicate these words to you and all the other children
Affected by the mass incarceration in
the tyrants maze, fire will fry ya' in my iron cage
my violent lions have been enraged
by violins and sirens that thunder from center stage
 slicing throats,
already know what I'm about homie
 I'm young I'm focused I'm just coming out homie
You can go by what you hear through word of mouth homie
Or step out