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(instrumental, no lyrics)
Everything by:Trent Reznor
(instrumental, no lyrics)
everything by:trent reznor
Bluegrass Breakdown is an instrumental by Bill Monroe.
No known lyrics. ;)
Blue Grass Stomp is an instrumental created by Bill Monroe. ;)
There are no lyrics.
Gardenia Waltz was penned by Johnny Gimble and is an instrumental. There have never been any lyrics to my knowledge.
[Lyrics by Christofer Johnsson]
[Music by Christofer Johnsson]

Po Tolo!
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Bluegrass Breakdown is an instrumental by Bill Monroe.
No known lyrics. ;)
arms once again 

If the above are not the lyrics to (LOVING ARMS) by DOBIE GRAY Would you kindly report the error ?
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[lyrics by Bob Parduba]

They sit in silence as we march into war
There we will fight with our backs to the wall
No end in sight cities one by one
[music & lyrics: Luca Turilli]

[female voice by Amanda Somerville]
Though it feels cold as winter
I will fight to remember
That by your stripes
I'm healed
To your heart Lord I appeal
Please free me from these
me off to Georgia Main they locked me to a ball and chain
I heard that lone vow vow some whistle blow

All I do is sit and cry when the evening
Katy Hill is a traditional song instrumental. There are no known lyrics. Popularized by Bill Monroe playing with Jerry Garcia (Greatful Dead fame).
Lyrics are not included
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Learn to swim...
Learn to swim
of whip cracking twice> (Hyah, hyah)


Transcribed by Robin Hood

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I have never heard this song by Kenny Rogers, and as far as I know a man named Tom Jans wrote it. The only person I have ever heard sing this song is
pretty baby,
I think you're fine
I'd like to love you, but,
Darling, I'm imprisoned by these

Chains, my baby's got me locked up in chains,
And they ain't

Deine Lakaien
Will grow
To be cut

By children
With knives of


free lyrics

justin had
Getting jaded

Day by day
Diggin' deep, deep shores

Mating Season
Of reality
Up in

The clouds hiding from the sun
There goes
Time: 1:47 beach bum music bmi
Producer: brian wilson
Assistant engineer: squek stone
Mixed by mark linett at image
Brian wilson

One, two