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Dig count Basie 
Blow Joe's blues away
Every night, every noon, every sun, every moon

Every way
I get the blues
There was Benny and Duke and of course the Count Basie
The melody was smooth and yes, very taste
There was Hap, The Prez, and Lady Day and
Dizzy Bird
Fuqua, Damien Marley
Trevor McDonald, The Black Stars
Angie Stone, Count Basie
Duke Ellington, Jackie Robinson

Bill Clinton, that's right I said it
Count Basie 
Rhythmic sounds flow like Lake Eerie 
Alterin any scientifical theory 
Another like me well, I - never 
You know why? 'cause I'm too damn
let em know Joe

Bust it, check it, watch how I wreck it
Niggaz watch your back, shit is gettin hectic
I catch vibes like Count Basie, sucker won't face