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Welcome to the best of both worlds
R. Kelly
Let's just start frontin' on 'em right away (c'mon Jay)

I pull up with the big boy truck, nigga
to the best of both worlds
R. Kelly, Chi-Town
Let's just start frontin on 'em right away
(C'mon Jay)

I pull up with the big boy truck, nigga big boy drop
We be
Joe,are Kelly,Mary J,Faith,Mariah and Sade
Made the Whole world sing many times,many ways
But you are
You're the perfect love song

You're voice is
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    Together You And I Lyrics
[R. Kelly]
Hey Love may I have a word with you
I'd like to tell you yeah just what I've been going through

[Mr. Lee]
I was kicked back with
Loyal fans and newfound followers
Whassup y'all? Hello how are you doin out there?
You're chillin I'm winnin
Oh by the way the album's out go get
Album: Walter Davis First Recording 1930 -1932
JSP Records #605

My baby's gone
And she won't come back no mo'
[R. Kelly]
Hey, hey, boom boom, hey hey, boom boom
Hey hey, boom boom, hey hey, boom boom

[Repeat: x2]
What are we doing tonight baby?
[Intro: R. Kelly]
Uhh, uhh (uh-huh) uhh
Yeah, this is for all the sexy ladies out there
Uhh.. walkin around downtown
Shoppin at the malls, yeah
In Da Club Lyrics

[R. Kelly]
Hey, hey, boom boom boom, hey hey, boom boom boom
Hey hey, boom boom boom, hey hey, boom boom boom

What are we doing
claped by (BANG) Your girl got magged (BANG) by that smooth criminal
I'm A product of my environment
I aint saying me and you are any different im just
Anticipating my incarceration
Media think I'm faking like mason
But when it comes to Mase
Fuck are Kelly i don't take it in the face
I find out
Ah yeah
The definition of a hotti
R. Kelly is born into the 90's
You know what I'm saying
With the new shebang swing
The definition of a hotti

their backs turning away
With wishes of good luck

They say I'll be okay
These times go by so fast
I'll never have them back
I know that life will
This song was first released on the Autograph album. It is the only album it has been released on.

He was stranded in some tiny town
On fair
the non-believers"

Bounce, it's the new 12 play
Bounce though the pussy like L-way
Bounce, I wanna see your tail shake
Bounce when you hear are Kelly say
'memba me,
Tell me how could you forget, back to johnny's album cover,
Red and blue Gucci s***,
Ain't nothing changed but the year it is,
I think I
The Dallas Cowboys want you back
Bob Wills want you back
Barry White wants you back (Baby)
Kelly Clarkson wants you back
and my pick-up wants
This song appears on three albums, and was first released on the flower that shattered the stone album, and has also been released on the stonehaven
ain't freebies
Been in the game a year and got 2 "Best Of Banks" Cd's
If they ain't mine then I don't give a fuck about em
Shit, R. Kelly played with kids
They sell posters of girls washing cars and unicorns and stars
Guns and roses album covers 
They've got most of the barney dvds coffee mugs and tee's
been missing but it don't mean we can't spend
Time listening to
(Everyday be listening to 90's music)

MJ & Mariah
Nirvana & Aaliyah
R. Kelly & Mary
with no cash flow, is like Luke without his gaped teeth
So forget, what my Porsche cost
Just realize I got enough do', to pay for R. Kelly's court
are open , I hear you calling me

I hear you calling me..
I hear you calling me..


From the album "Gravity's Rainbow"
Written by: N.
at your door 

His final scene 
The actor bows 
And all those years 
Are gone somehow 
The crowd applauds 
The curtain falls 
I was standing by