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Silk & Steel (5 Star) · Silk Degrees (Boz Scaggs) · The Collection: Slow Dancer/Silk Degrees/Down Two [1997 Small Box] (Boz Scaggs) · Silk Wilhelm I: Audiovisual Couture, Vol. I (Kowesix) · Taylored in Silk (Johnnie Taylor) · Grime, Silk & Thunder (Ultra Naté) · 100% Silk (Garnett Silk) · Red Silk Vow (Seraphim Shock) · Raw Silk (Randy Crawford) · Touch of Silk (Eric Gale) – and 90 other albums »


Puff Daddy, enough already
Now its P. Diddy still sound shitty
How can your group be called Da Band
No body plays an insterment man
I dont