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must ride loyal comrades by your side
Prince of lions the second son through the darkness the king will come

Lion, Lionheart
Defender of the faith
Poor White Folks [Instrumental]

Uncle Pen Album
By Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys

The entire album is 'Instrumental'. These include tracks:
horses, you must ride
Loyal comrades by your side
Prince of lions, the second son
Through the darkness the king will come

Lion, lionheart
There was one who would stand by my side
Through the good and the bad
Let that one stand with pride
The best that I ever had

Like the lion of Judah
the jungle, the quite jungle 
The lion sleeps tonight 
Farracan led the million man march 
Di lion dance tonight 
Africans in America 
Dem cal them
From the album the hurdy gurdy man

In Tangier down a windy street
Where beggars meet and on old rags do sleep
The women dressed in soiled white
reason to be gum
Living by the gun down in a slum
Stake your claim blow by blow
Saw my pals go flying through the window

Li-li-lion, lion's in
reason to be gum
Living by the gun down in a slum
Stake your claim blow by blow
Saw my pals go flying through the window

Li-li-lion, lion's in
blowing wild
And the swallow soars and the lion roars
Outside your front door, by the oak tree in the meadow

There there child, there there child
Well he lives by that memory and falls from his mind
And you know it's a lion's heart
That will tumble and tear apart
When he's coming down
From the album fairytale

Circus of Sour,
Holds shows every hour,
The lion is eating the bars, hey the bars.
I was erected,
The poor man is expected
Half a moon was he
A triangle he adorned,
A sword for all to see

The third was Lion wisdom
A mind unmatched
Represented by the cross

Should I grab you by the collar 
Or just go my way 
With a knife between my clean white teeth 
Don't want your feather in my cap 
Don't care
I've been waiting for my lady
One hour, she finally came
She came walking by my table
And I'm thinking
What's this fox's game
To be honest, I
This song appears on four albums, and was first released on the Earth Songs album. It has been released on The Flower That Shattered The Stone,
seem so degrading,
Most rappers got new albums that white kids are anticipating,
If you don't like it on the radio
or the television then switch
Since my baby's gone

From the album "True Love"
Written by: M. Parish & H. White
Forever to be in his keep 
Eternal life in the sweet by and by 
When raven dove, raven dove speaks 

When lambs walk with lions, a child tames
album, Ice Cube, nigga kill at will
Had to balance, Double M is the imperial
Niggas pay respect, they mail it in an envelope
Fucking centerfolds like I
I stand by your side?
We can make it alright

Like home
'Cause I'm home
There's a little white porch
And you wanted it so
Can you let me go
Gonna put this world back together again
Gonna put this world back together

On a great white horse the King will come riding
He's the One they call
You understand?
"When I get to heaven, I'll see my grandmother there
She'll say 'Great God almighty, here come my child! He must've got here by
By the shores of the aging sea
Fools scream out destiny
They speak of vengeance and your gods
into the fire out of the flame
The beast awakes
She lived by a window, disconnected eyes
Holy book beside her, waiting for sign
Crucifix pressed tightly to her silent heart
Streets of gold
The chains on my neck, I might get arthritis
Yrn Tha Album first album going diamond, got my mama a Benz
Just to show her I'm grinding