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I've had so many loves in my lifetime
So many special memories.
But never have I been so enchanted by someone
Never has love been so for real you
: Unheard
Diana: And I, believed every word

Diana: Next day you came my way
Supremes: My way
Diana: And not a word you say
You passed me by
Nation Album of Ace Of Base
The Unholy bands from the holyland [Album] - Compiliation.
Cause Of Death by Obituary
Deicide Album by Deicide
Supreme and celestial 
elevated vertical
grandiose proportions
inspire greatness generosity
Mountain of health mountain salvation
i'm picking up on my frequencies

triggered by a laser beam
listening to a love supreme

its a funny feeling
i wonder if it has a feeling
This song was first released on the John Denver Album. It is the only album it has been released on.

Life is so good
Life is so good these days
Burrito supreme, and a chicken supreme
And a cutlass supreme

(New album version has longer ending)
This is a public service announcement brought to you in part by Slim Shady.
The views and events expressed here are totally f***ed,
And are not
This is a public service announcement brought to you in part by Slim Shady.
The views and events expressed here are totally fucked,
And are not
This song appears on two albums, and was first released on the Windsong album, and has also been released on the Country Classics album.

Sing songs
The Phoenix
The Phoenix

Aye yo what's good?
Man, this ya guy Lyfe Jennings, once again, man
I just want to start off by sayin', 'Thank you'
Confuse forms, unleashing of passions
Confuse forms, by means of inversion
Emotions carried to the extremes
Orgiastic of chaos of supreme

rap, 18th Letter did that
From 4th & Broadway to Uni to MCA
We followed the leader to Harlem's Apollo Theatre

Supreme rapped and the 50 that don't
second album
One dozen melodies to listen
Include this number
Keeping in company

Well, hoping that this record sells
Singing by our wishing well
Park your car by the edge of town
Television sound way down
Long overdue
Things we said we'd do
Photo album renaissance
Photo album
About the time the late and great Jimmie Rodgers
Career came to an end
Another young fella by the name of Bob Wills
Was makin' preparations to become
I don't think any Christmas album would be complete
Without telling, in song, the most beautiful and inspiring story ever told
The story
Earth torn from it's path by meteoric pass,
Showered by debris,
Continents crumble, our cities funeral pyres,
Crash into the sea.

The sun has
Panic invades the safety images of fear
Hatred in all of you coming from hell
Anagaton invincible destructor
Feel supreme or live in sorrow with god
This is my openin scripture - I've been preparin this album
My whole life, might be uncomfortable for most you listeners
Satin's bombardin me with
This was an instrumental piece composed by orchestral string arranger/composer Paul Buckmaster and has no lyrics . It featured on the 1971 album
[lyrics by Christian Lesegue and Bob Parduba]

Rise to the order of a supreme society
Strike down rebellion control identity

with tired arms 
And that luck just wants to be by your side
And that pain will not haunt you or cause you despair, 
I pray to God

Primordial sound
Man confirmed by the carnal
Like a damnation supreme
Man you are bound to this world and this blood
Raise hands to the wonders
In honour of you
Poor White Folks [Instrumental]

Uncle Pen Album
By Bill Monroe & His Bluegrass Boys

The entire album is 'Instrumental'. These include tracks: