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From the album sutras

In the night
In the dark night
There's a light
That shines on me
And the lady of the lamp she
Lies by me and holds on tight
A lance was stabbed in his side
The Grail collected the pouring blood
Thus blessed by the Son of God
A cup of gold a sacred stone heaven choose
Hopelessly insane
I go and grasp the grail
But in a graceful way
Illegally, my aim
The grail will cross the border now

Don't tell me that you're
the air
Standing on deck - soothed by the way - Watch the horizon awaiting light of day
The breathless search leaves me in awe

Holy grail mine - I will
On down by Avalon
Avalon of the heart
On down by Avalon
Gonna make a brand new start

Oh the Holy Grail
Baby behind the sun
Oh the Holy Grail
holy relic
Whose worshippers are found
Searching through their sacred books
For the holy grail of "why"
But the total sum of knowledge
Knows no more than
Nation Album of Ace Of Base
The Unholy bands from the holyland [Album] - Compiliation.
Cause Of Death by Obituary
Deicide Album by Deicide
Take this land by the death of man
Left hand triumph of the will
The world will whimper in our wake

At war with the planets
At war with all mankind
of thorns
I'll never repent
Hung by invinsible nails
Blaspheme, blaspheme, blaspheme
No holy grail
The body of ChristCrucified for nothing
Selling England by the pound

Citizens of Hope and Glory
Time goes by it's "the time of your life"
Easy now, sit you down
Chewing through
This song was first released on the John Denver Album. It is the only album it has been released on.

Life is so good
Life is so good these days
Dragon come over sea, we will fly eternally
We are guardians of the dragon grail

Deep in the forest of wisdom
High on the mountains we found resort
This is a public service announcement brought to you in part by Slim Shady.
The views and events expressed here are totally f***ed,
And are not
This is a public service announcement brought to you in part by Slim Shady.
The views and events expressed here are totally fucked,
And are not
This song appears on two albums, and was first released on the Windsong album, and has also been released on the Country Classics album.

Sing songs
The Phoenix
The Phoenix

Aye yo what's good?
Man, this ya guy Lyfe Jennings, once again, man
I just want to start off by sayin', 'Thank you'
and rhyme
In haunts of ancient peace.
The holy grail we seek
On down by haunts of ancient peace.
We see the new Jerusalem
In haunts of ancient peace.

We hold the grail, the blood of christ
The dead sea scrolls revealed the truth
We felt the hypocrisy of the church
Lies and corruption spread by
sitting there in my pink toenails

I've got my walkman and my Cosmo and my ticket to ride
All I need is my box of chocolates and you here by my side
Nine footprints to evil
Hooves crack on petrified soil
Coming forth from the abyss
Lit by bonfires of sin

The quest for the grail of flies
second album
One dozen melodies to listen
Include this number
Keeping in company

Well, hoping that this record sells
Singing by our wishing well
The Angel of the Holy Grail saw Galahad come riding,
So he took the Holy Grail off the shelf.
And inside the Holy Chapel made for Holy Grail
Park your car by the edge of town
Television sound way down
Long overdue
Things we said we'd do
Photo album renaissance
Photo album
About the time the late and great Jimmie Rodgers
Career came to an end
Another young fella by the name of Bob Wills
Was makin' preparations to become
As the madman we all know who writhed on a crucifix
I too have been sacrificed by death and her tricks
Pursue the grail to make a wish and drink