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to take this time right here.

To just first of all thank you all for taking the time out to listen to this

Hope you're enjoying everything you
with this rap shit
And I go to bed when I tap this
Woo, that's madness
Trick, I don't know no magic
But everything I do is crack
Call my album chapped
2:] It's not what's selling nowadays.
[Producer 1:] I mean - personally, I love it, but
[Barbra (sung):]Be nice, girl!
[Producer 3:] Nobody's into
nice man but I tell you yo 
 I saw the other Girl at Netty's the other day
 And she had her shit together 
 I'm talkin bout hip hop pow 
other nigga
And I don't love other niggas
But I love other niggas bitches
I love 20-inches on everything I sit in
I love my nappy hair
I love
She dreamed them old southern dreams
She was the dreamest girl
The dreamest girl I most ever seen

Now, she dreamed I was kissin' her 
A-down by
her smile, like everything that you do
For everything thing that you do, and it's a girl will in school
But as the moonlight crept in to her vacant
what you see in the streets
Despite what you influenced by, the life of crime has many downs
A little bit of ups, and everything you do got
and by ear

And then she'd find the ancient album,
With its pages turned gold
And the crayon-colored paper star
I made so long ago
But brighter than any
And I saw everything
Boy bands, and another one, and another one
And another one
And girls there with round hair like Star Wars
Float above
He took me to the future in the flux thing
And I saw everything. 
Boy bands, and another one and another one ... and another one
And girls there
for 3 weeks in 1966
-Words and Music by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil

Girl, I can't let you do this
Let you walk away
Girl, how can I live through
a gritty fiend for, 
Money, power, respect, get it by any means uh,
New Yorker, slick talker, walk like a brick flipper,
Decimal doctor, multiply to get
By this microphone, by this microphone 
I think the rock 'n roll girls 
In this world want apologies, want apologies 

I read this stuff, but
rotten, looking like little me
The most beautifulest thing in this world
Is daddy's little girl
You don't yet know what swag is but you was made in Paris
quite a lot. maybe that's normal when the band's not
On the scene for a while. but after that it feels really good to have,
Actually, a new album ready
the face on
You can talk it but it goes wrong
You can put it in an album
Like the 90's never happened

Everything is easy,
But they don't believe me
But I ain't tryin' to go to hell

Father forgive me, 'cause I ain't perfect
No, no no no
Why is everything wrong?
Oh I can't get it right, I always
In this album there’s a picture
Of the ladies at Daniela’s
You can tell it’s from the eighties
By the volume of their hair
There’s Usnavi, just
every Saturday night.
Well times were hard for the working man
Daddy tried to understand.

Everything I love is from '59
My first guitar and that girl
Half the time
I got my name in lights
The other half I'm by your side

It's a crazy life
But I'm just fine

I got everything I've always wanted
at a difficult stage

But it seems to me to the contrary
Of all the crap they're gonna put on the page
That a wasted youth is better by far
Then a wise
They sell posters of girls washing cars and unicorns and stars
Guns and roses album covers 
They've got most of the barney dvds coffee mugs and tee's
Now I don't mean to get you upset
But every cause has an effect!  uh-huh!

Come on baby light my fire
Everything you drop is so tired
Music is
hectic, I can't even explain it
	It's just been crazy but it's been exciting
{Girl}	Exciting?
{MJ}	Yeah
{Girl}	Everything you do is exciting
	Now I