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Written by brian setzer

Two hands reach for twelve at midnight
Clouds of smoke fill up the room
All the boys snap to attention
When lady luck walks
Everything I love,
Everything I love's from '59.

'59. Song by Brian Setzer. Submited by Steve Huggett.
Well, that's the end of our album
You can open your eyes now
Wasn't I fantastic?
Ninja Brian, you did a pretty OK job, too
I'm particularly impressed
(Keith, Skeoch, Hannon, Luccketta)

She comes on softly as she moves across the room before me
I can't resist, I'm hypnotized, I'm surrounded by her
Let Me Be The One
Blessid Union of Souls
Album: Home

So you're scared, to show your feelings
Baby, I do understand 
Well, I don't make
Lemme just do this interview real quick


Hey, this is, uh, Brian Brant calling for a Mr. Evidence?

How you doing?

you up and slap you till your teeth are loose
I've seen the noose and will not get lynched by the industry
Nor will I have a A and R pimpin' me
the deuce to the ten
Vinnie a carnivore y'all is arugula fem
Mecca Medina followed by Jerusalem then
I'm a gorilla from the Biblical zoo with the pen
peace Vursatyl

Hey what's up dude

Yo my name is Brian but my MC name is Catapult (oh word?)
Word my crew is called the Cannibals (ah cool)
Yeah we're 30