Keep Ya Head Up

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Ann Nesby

Ann Nesby is an American R&B, gospel, and dance music singer and actress. She is the former lead singer of Sounds of Blackness; a songwriter with credits including hits sung by Patti Labelle and Gladys Knight; plus she co-starred in the 2003 romance musical The Fighting Temptations with Cuba G… more »

What up little man? What's the matter?

[lil' man] 
I wish I didn't have to be here

It's not that bad..
 Could always be worse, ya know what i'm saying?
All you gotta do, is stay in school  Anything you want to do you could do ya know what i'm saying baby?
No matter what though, gotta keep your head up to the sky

This goes out to, all the infants 
in this cold world that was born addicted 
And to all the section eight kids
Just remember these four words y'all, we goin' make it
The government keep on trying to fool us
The system, keep on trying to lose us
And all we can do is keep buying computers
And ? all now 'fore it start going down
We gotta hold our head, keep our pride  Though it hurts when I see people sleep outside  Little babies with no socks on, eating popcorn
We all know what they moms and they pops on
Out go the love when the drugs come
They never got nothing for Christmas, and they ain't Muslim 
This is a jewel, a lot of us was them
This is a jewel, a lot of us was them

[Chorus: Ann Nesby]
Your head to the sky, my my, my
You can win, you can win, if you keep your head
As long as you keep, your head, your head to the sky
My my, my

Uhh, to my lockdown niggas keep your head in the sky
To my shot down niggas keep your head in the sky
I don't know if it's better to ride, or better to die
And that's why there's red in my eye
 Cause people don't know what the ghetto is like
 Either you make it out, or the terrible life
I don't want to be a broke bastard
And everybody in the hood got somebody in they fam' with a coke habit 
You work for minimum wage
I'ma get in the game, get shot or a bid in the cage
It's a risk I gotta take - and I'ma be the nigga 
with the bricks and the stash and the biscuit outta state 
And even though I'm blessed with the gift
I gotta move cause the pain and the sickness gotta wait
I go extremely hard - why let up?
And I can breathe long as I keep my head up


Hey yo I come from a place where it's three strikes out
And your life's on the line, so we iced out
 Summertime getting money, three dice out
Tanktops, and jean shorts, we Niked out
Headbands, and four wheelers  Jeeps and Coupes and convos, about who know more killers 
It's all wrong but it's all right 
It's a small world, matter fact it's a small life
We all trip but the way to survive 
is hold your head and make sure you fall right 
And it's a quite fact, that whatever goes around comes right back
It's just like that
And we tryin to touch major paper  Everybody in the struggle it gets greater later
 Never say can't, it's better to try
And you can breathe long as you keep your head in the sky

[Ann Nesby]
Don't you let nobody stop you, mm
Hey, hey, yeah!

[Chorus: x2]


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