Big Bad Mama

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Foxy Brown

Inga DeCarlo Fung Marchand (born September 6, 1978), better known by her stage name Foxy Brown, is an American rapper known for her solo work as well as numerous collaborations with other artists and her brief stint as part of hip hop music group The Firm. Raised in Brooklyn, New York, her father K… more »

Sisqo: Hey baby, hey yeah yeah, DRU HILL, foxy brown 
Ill na, na, na, na, look at her

 Playa haters every minute want to stop my dough.
And every other minute want to rock my flow.
And every third minute, y'all want to swerve in it.
Cum quick like a virgin in it. Ow! So far, kickin' this here with no bra, 
 Sheer shirt. shakin' my nana to see it hurts.
Got 'em strung. Let 'em know I'm at the Icey. For the best
 effect you got to use some tongue.

Find my g-spot, got me hot, I'm ill. Fox, chop it, baby.
Got Milk? Shake that ass like you just don't care. 
 Cause y'all just rookies in the game. What
Work... like you one of them live...blind...handle the pie...
 chick and uh, off white, pearl six, on the cellular. 
Gettin' 'em open like girl 6. It's on.

Look at her
She's the bad mama jamma. 
Just as foxy as can be.
She's the bad mama jamma.
Just as foxy as can be.

 Playa haters every minutes want to see your clothes.
And every other minute want to know what 'cha drawers 
Any every third minute, want to know whether the fur is rented.
That's why I ain't got the time for you niggas.

It's the brown fox, the brown blocks, sound knocks. 
See me dressed, DV's, round rocks. See me chest. 
Play the low pro,got these rap chicks in a choke-hole.
Basically, you're wastin' your time hatin' me.
I'm like 1.5 'bout to make it 3. 
My name will forever ring.
Got 'em screaming: "Damn, Fox, on everything."

Hell yeah, for the paper rip a hot track.
Only for the right dough shorty got that.
 Still in here, i be down when you gone broke.
Ill niner master tracks like Tone & Poke.

She's the bad mama jamma. (ooh baby)
Just as foxy as can be. (she likes to get down, get down, get down)
She's the bad mama jamma. (she's the reason why my name is woody)
Just as foxy as can be.

 Playa haters every minute wanna... my raps.
And every other minute talk behind your back.
And every third minute want to rock ya in a suburban.
But i ain't got the time for that. 

I fakes no jacks, I got chips to gain, I'm like bo-jack, baby.
I'm hip to the game.
My knuckel-wild, rock Prada over Chanel.
H-class...with that H-Bendel.

 Rhyme me for fuck-wild.
Via speaker. Like Aaliyah. One in a million.
There's MC's on this rap...comin' to ill it.
Like I did. Lay the ground work with Fox hits.

'Member when i told y'all first week out?
 Shook the half a 'mil, niggas freaked out? 
Love yourself and no one above thee,
'cause ain't nobody gon' like me, it's on.

She's the bad mama jamma. (and you know)
Just as foxy as can be. (she's as foxy as can be)
She's the bad mama jamma. 
Just as foxy as can be (hey sisqo please)
She's the bad mama jamma.(she's so fly)
Just as foxy as can be. (From her back, from her ?, to her neck)
She's the bad mama jamma. (got it goin' on)
Just as foxy as can be. (Dru Hill help me sing it)

[Na-na repeated several times]

Said she's got me going crazy!


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