One Sixteen

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Trip Lee

William Lee Barefield III, better-known by his stage name Trip Lee, is an American rapper who is signed to Reach Records and has recorded both independently and as a founding member of the 116 Clique. Originally from Dallas, Texas, he now resides in Washington, D.C.. He first gained recognition aft… more »

Look, all I need is one sixteen 
To brag on my king
 Romans 1:16
We brag about him daily ‘cause he runs this thing 
Can I do it?
Yes, sir
Can I do it?
Yes, sir

We rep the Lord truly 
We heading straight ahead 
Man, we ain’t tryin’ to hit no U-y
Man, they can’t do nothing to me
We don’t look like them other dudes do we
We young boys, but we sound mature
Call me Stewie 
But this ain’t no baby talk
Say we make them looney tunes
‘Cause they call this crazy talk
 Makes them say they may be off
We was blind but we now can see
It’s the Navy talk
My goal’s to rest in him
But this ain’t no lazy walk
My daddy ain’t make me so
But he gave me peace, though  Threw my chains up off of me
I call that my free throw 
‘Crae told me to go in
They got your boy on beast mode
I ain’t got no white collar
He made me a priest though
Pray I never fall away
 Chasing after pocket change
Used to put my stock in riches 
I had to stock exchange
I was just a robot 
But now I do not walk the same
 Prolly ‘cuz he put me on blast 
Like a rocket, man

Uh, all I need is one sixteen 
To brag on my King
 Romans 1:16
We brag about him daily ‘cause he run this thing 
Can I do it?
Do it!
Do it!
Do it!
Do it!

Let’s go!
Here we go again 
One to the one six, going in
Spit one for the one six, only him
And one to the one cliques notice him
Let’s go
Here we go again 
For this process in front of me
Got my two eyes after that W like Nintendo Wii
My penalty 
Jesus, my remedy  Relentlessly shepherding lost sheep 
Call him Bo Peep
Hold up!
Give me the mic
 Better believe Imma go hard
 Scaring everybody with that lyrical miracle
 Biblical theology without an apology  Whenever I get upon that microphone I gotta represent
We ain’t scared o’ ya
What they gonna do?
What, murder us?
What murder does is send a surge of us to go put churches up
True, ain’t no hurtin’ us
Im on that just to martyr 
When the church go in LA couldn’t dodge ‘em
 Satan try to charge ‘em
 Media try to bomb ‘em
 Under attack, but we got value pearls couldn’t harbor 
Hold up
Give me the mic, bro
Glad to record the immaculate sort than a man couldn’t thwart  Elevating the father with a passionate voice
Give me a sixteen 
Imma brag on my Lord

All I need is one sixteen 
To brag on my Lord
 Romans 1:16
We talk about him daily ‘cause he run this thing 
Can I do it?

All I need is one sixteen 
To brag on my Lord
Brag on my King
 Matter of fact, give me a couple of more
And I’ll do the same thing 
Do the same thing 
Do the same thing 
Even on my best day I couldn’t go by
 Without the grace of the Lord that was gave for I
For the sin that I committed should have paid that price 
But I didn’t ‘cause the father went and gave the Christ 
What love is this to send his own?
To die for sin and take us home?
Got me feelin’ good
 Forget my feelings 
When you heard a story ‘bout the hero dying for the villain 
Kill ‘em with the fast flow
Then I go slow
This one here is urgent 
When it comes to God everybody’s got a version 
Some are wearing turbans
 Others getting virgins 
With all of these options, we know he’s for certain 
‘Cause ain’t no other God like mine
You gots to admit it
Yeah, I’m fallin’ ‘cuz I’m sinning 
Yet his grace is sufficient 
Beat the grave 
Said it’s finished 
Got them unsearchable riches and they deep
That’s why I’m like
Can you dig it?

Let's go
I’m unashamed 
I’m unashamed 
I’m unashamed 

All I need is one sixteen 
To brag on my Lord
 Romans 1:16
We talk about him daily ‘cause he run this thing 
Can I do it?

Written by: Alex G Medina, Andre Atkinson, Andrew Aaron Mineo, Kevin Elijah Burgess, Mark Mims, Sharif Chauncey, William Lee Barefield

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