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Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. (born September 27, 1982), better known by his stage name Lil Wayne ( /ˌlɪl ˈweɪn/), is an American rapper. In 1991, at the age of nine, Lil Wayne joined Cash Money Records as the youngest member of the label, and half of the duo, The B.G.'z, with B.G.. In 1996, Lil W… more »

I did it all on my own, 
 Turned a chair to a throne, 
I'm a king in this world,
(Stunt hard)
I put my whole city on,
To some things that they never would've known, 
If I didn't,
(Stunt hard)
And every night is a premiere, 
If I ever disappear, 
Best believe I'm comin' back.
(Stunt hard)
Got rich, went broke, and got rich again,
On that same shit again, 
All I ever do is, 
(Stunt hard)

I tell her.
I'm getting motherfuckin' busy.
So many spins my records is motherfuckin' dizzy. 
 Haters wanna turn to their girl and be like, "Who Is He", 
But I bet a million she tell you that's motherfuckin' Drizzy. 
And I'm focused on my survival. 
Keep an eye on the door, focus on my arrival. 
Who do you look up to when you're better then your idols.
And how you 'posed to look when you do it with your eyes closed.
I'm everything you just haven't become.
I spend my time trying to outdo what hasn't been done.
Now hopefully let them see, 
What they say that I'm gon' be, 
And if not our whole future does in the memory of me. 
Get your team in order, assembly is key. 
And all my niggas shut up at the mention of a plea. 
They rather be apprehended and keep quiet then to be,
On the stand jeopardizing every inch of their loyalty. 
Pick a lane pick a lane. That's all I ever heard.
But I'm just trying to swerve. 
 Without hitting the curb. 
That's why I spend thousands on bottles so I can pop them. 
And take photos wit hater niggas and crop them. 
I am not them. I Photoshop them, out.
'Cause they don't understand what I'm about. 
The Chris Paul 
Of this fall,
Sittin' this tall.
I float high, 
I will miss y'all.


(Lil' Wayne):
If I don't do nothin', Imma stunt my ass off.
 Money sittin' in the pocket, 'bout to get a passoff. 
And I smoke that shit that smell like when you take your cast off. 
And I got them beach bitches, like David Hasselhoff. 
Baby I'm an acrobat. Sweetie, I'm a stunt devil. 
You can't get on my level 'cause I am so unleveled.
I'm a young rebel. 
And I got a baby face. 
I need a young pebbles. 
I need a stuntdouble. 
Me, Drake and Kid and you know it's trouble. 
We got 'em drownin' in the flow, you see 'em blowin' bubbles. 
I stick my landin' in a freak drawers. 
I'll have her bouncin' back like Dominique Dawes. 
But I ain't stuntin' these hoes 
I been pimpin' since Hulk Hogan was N.W.O. 
I'm wild, Drizzy tough, and the Kid vicious. 
The three horseman, we just need Sid Vicious. 
I'm on the cup of that tilt. 
And if you hatin' on me 
I'll say fuck you like wilt. 
I'm a wild-erbeast. You're just a wilderbeast. 
My two fingers make a gun, shoot and kill ya peace. 
Talkin' big big shit. 
I am rude,
I take food,
From a kid picnic.
And we can bang like bumper cars. 
You know I stunt shit 'cause I write all stunner bars.


(Nutt Da Kid):
I stunt hard. I stunt harder.
Boy they call me Jackie Chan in New Orleans.
I ball hard. So I'm a ball hogger.
And I go hard and I dunk like Vince Carter. 
I hustle harder. 
I live in the Carter. 
I think forward,
All I see is tomorrow. 
I need me. 
I'll turn your shop into a horror. 
So if you trying to see more 
 Better feed me. 
I'm back on my grizzy like Izzy Efeger. 
Don't he look like a black grizzly in that black fur. 
And the feds will never get me, 
Like a backwards, 
 Black spur, 
Go some like Pacman, cats first. 
 Vanilla Ice got 'em hangin' over the banister 
Ask her, 
Am I their man,
Her answer, 
Is yes sir. 
I'm tourin' states on stage, 
I played the RTA 
'Bout a quarter a day. 
Now tell them bitches.



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