Love You from My Heart
by Ray J

Well I know I'm only 16
But inside you mean the world to me
I know I may be young to you
But there's nothing that I wouldn't do
See I've had romance
Girl I'm very smart
I must have learned it much too soon baby
Because I'm torn apart

And baby you don't
You don't even see me
All you see is a young one
But I love you endlessly
And no other man
Is gonna love you the way I do 'cause' I love you from heart

It don't matter how old I am if I love you from my heart
It would be easier if you feel the same when I love you from my heart
I don't understand if I'm a man what's keepin us apart
'cause' it doesn't matter how old I am if I love you from my heart

I can see it in your eyes
I feel the way you look at me
And I'm not surprise 'cause' I'm every bit of what you need
So what you gonna do
You better hurry girl before I'm taken
Games over my love you lose
'cause' I'm so tired of waiting

Repeat [Hook]
Repeat [Chorus] til fade
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