Love Like You
by Paper Tongues

I'll be the first to say I do
love you so
Be the last to walk away
from what we know

You can't invent a Jones like us
in this world
It only happens once upon a time
for boys and girls

I'll never find a another love like you
who wants to be in love the way I do
Better is a day standing by your side
Your heart is like a castle in my sky
I'll never find another love like you
who wants to really be my rainbow
I could only start to imagine how
we survived to see this day

Only if I had the words to paint the moon
I would paint it on a star just for you
Then we'd get inside a boat made of clouds
And we'd never turn around
we'd go all out

Chorus repeats

And mockingbirds they sing
upon my tree
And the tower bells they ring
and I believe
And I'm askin you to be
my everything

Chorus repeats
Lyrics submitted by stephanie.