by Keane

For, far away, is where my love resides,
Held by a heart, and those sweet captive eyes,
And though I cannot see her face, I still try,
To hold my Lorelei.
Late in the spring, I heard her call my name.
Faint was the call, but meaning just the same.
And though I cannot see her lips, I still try,
To answer my Lorelei.
The star that guides us could only divide us
If life should end.
I tend to keep her and let no one sweep her away.
So wait for me.
Can't you see.
I love you, Lorelei.
Once I was told, that golden dreams don‘t last.
Just like the clouds, those golden dreams will pass.
And no matter what the others say,
I always will stay,
Stay with my Lorelei.
I will hold her.
l will hold her.
I will hold her.
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