Lord Knows
by 2Pac

Damn Another Funeral, Another Mother fuckin funeral

lord knows, lord knows
i smoke a blunt to take the pain out, if i wasn't high id probably try to blow my brains out-- i'm hopeless
they shoulda killed me as a baby and now they got me trapped in the storm-- i'm goin crazy, forgive me; they wanna see me in my casket and if i dont blast i'll be a victim of them bastards
i'm losin hope they got me stressin can the lord forgive me? got the spirit of a thug in me
another sip of that drank this hennessy got me qweazy dont wanna hurl young nigga take it easy
picture your dreams on a tripple beam, and it seems dont underestimate the power of a fiend
to my homies on the blocks slangin rocks witchya glocs, put this tape in ya box when ya runnin from the cops and never look back, if they could be black, then make a switch and open fire on them busta ass bitches-- lord knows
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