Look Back at Me
by Trina

i gotta ass so big like the sun
hope u gotta mile for a dick
i wanna run
slap it in my face
shove it down my throat
nigga where yo blunt
i can make this pussy smoke
i know how to fuck
i know how to ride
i can spin around and keep the dick still inside
now ya mouth wide
u lookin real scared
im a man eater
head hunter
im prepared

(trina talkin)
yea u runnin now,u runnin
immma put this pussy on you
just like this

put this pussy in ya jaws now smak
like its thanksgiving and it aint coming back
collard greens,neckbones
nigga chew this ass
both hold inspections dont stop till ya pass
licky licky licky licky licky for a hour
imma make it rain for ya
heres a golden shower
smell it like a flower
my pussy is a rose
come a little closer i wanna fuck ya nose

[killer mike]
if u want it,u can get it
if u wit it imma hit it
flip it rub it up and smak it
look back at it imma addict

look back at me x8

look back at me {gurl} x3

[Killer Mike]
Third bred red broad in my bed
Up all night took pipe gave head
Ass like Trina face like Mya
Shot it on her chest she said daddy aim higher
Put jimmy on her titties and I bust off wicked
Gave her mayonaise on the face pearl necklace
We turned the camera on we did a sex scene
She call me R. Kelly and I call her

Thats my bitch right there nigga

Hand full of ass and a fist full of weave
Ass in the air face down on your knees
I'm a beast when I fuck I'ma put it on your gut
I'ma have you saying no please let me get up
I'ma make you say that's the spot don't take it out
I'm feeling like Akinele put it in your mouth
Kanye tell them gold digging hoes that we pimping in the South
And it ain't payday unless nuts in your mouth


Back it up drop down to your knees
Bring it up real slow make one cheek freeze [2X]

If you want it you can get it
If you with it I'ma hit it
Flip it rub it up and smack it
Look back at it I'm a addict

Look look look look back at you for what
I'm trying to concentrate on busting me a nut
I'm thinking about Trav I'm thinking about Bo
Little dick nigga shit hurry up I gotta go
Since they in prison pussy nigga make me know
That you aint a virgin and you done this before
Fuck me til you can't breath til you swim and scream help
Its your lucky day all the lifeguards left

[Trina talking]
Little dick ass nigga
You better get your face down here and eat this pussy

Dribble these titties on your lips
While you're doing that put your hand around my hips
Bounce me like a ball slam me like K-ma
On and off the dick better known for breaking hearts
Nigga call a cab I'm finna pack my shit and leave
Shouldn't have let you fuck now thats some shit I can't believe
Wasting my time fucking all off beat
Pussy nigga next time when you see me don't speak
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