Long Way Down
by Hedley

Been losing my mind
It’s been a long steady race
Keep closing my eyes
I still see that face
Been bleeding a lot
Like you’re bleeding alone
Your hands tied behind your back
There ain’t nobody home

It’s a long way down (2x)

Been losing my way
And a sky so blue
It’s the worst part of me
It’s the baddest side of you
And the river is high
I never felt so low
I can stick around some more
I ain’t got no place to go

It’s a long way down (4x)
(Take it, Dave)

When you burst through my door
And your eyes fix a stare
I hate seeing you so down, darling
It makes me so damn scared
You said “I hate us this way
I don’t wanna be alone”
I opened up my arms and said
“darling, come back home”
Cuz it tears me apart
Just to see you this way
See I’ve built my life around you girl
Maybe you should stay

It’s a long way down (6x)
(Take it away, boys)
Yeah, whoa. Ooh
It’s a long way down (4x)
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