My Grandpa said to me, "grandson sit down we need to talk
In life, there may be times when it gets hard to walk the walk.
It's easier to take the path that most have traveled on.
But then again sometimes to do what's right you must walk alone."

And that is a lonely road
When this world burns down
Deep in your soul
You will find there's a piece left behind
You will find there's a piece to find
(Piece to find)

Some people are unkind to those who see things different, oh
We've all felt pain in ways it hurts to even bring it up
But that don't mean that patience
Take this motion lying down
I'll stand and fight until the day they put me in the ground


And now I've taught you all I know
So take this seed and let it grow
Though I'm here now, I'll soon be gone
I did what I can to try it make it strong
(I did what I can to try it make it strong)
(I can see that you're strong)


(Such a lonely road)

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written by RONNIE WINTER
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