Lollipop Luxury
by Jeffree Star


I'm on the top , there's no luck
Never turned around to stop
Make my move, make you move
Make you wanna hear me talk
See me walk, see me fuck, see me suck a lollipop

Wanna get messy?

I'll make you hot, make you rock
I'll leave the world in shock
I'mma tease, I'm your fuel
I just wanna see you drool
On your knees, pretty please
You wish you were my main squeeze

L-L-Like luxury...

Fuck me - I'm a celebrity
Can't take your eyes off me
I make you wanna **** me just to get somewhere
Fuck me - I'm a celebrity
Can't take your hands off me
I know you wanna suck me, what you waiting for?

Lipgloss & lollipop
Lets rock our water pop
Cant take your eyes off me
I'm all that you can see
Lipgloss & lollipop
I'll make your booty drop
Cant take your eyes off me
I'm everything you wanna be

Mmm hot damn, here I come
Tell me how you want it done
At the mall, in the hall, on your mommas bedroom wall
You can choose, either way you will end up on the news
(Just like you wanted, right?)

Ahhh, do I make you wet?
It's all about the C-U-N-T
I wanna hear you say: "love my pink knife"
You wish you had a slice of me
I'm a celebritease


O-M-G, L-O-L
It's true that sex will always sell
Now it's time for you to go
So what? So what?(x2)

Oh my god... Can't you tell my (Mmm)
Makes you wanna sweat
Am I all set?
Not yet, not yet(x2)

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