123 oh
All my friends keep callin OMGD
And i can't take it no more LMA please
I let it go straight to my VM
Text them TTYL NITM

Gotta lot to say and no time to say it
Everybody wants to talk but i'm not feelin it
No one can understand,this all i mean
So try to catch up with me yea
Ya breakin up, breakin up
Now i'm hangin up,
I chop it up chop it up
I'm laughin out loud
If your wanna say somemthing text or nothin
I let my fingers do the talk,talk,talkin,
they say lolololol,they say lolololololol,they say lololololol yeah

bridge:TFBS FYI BTW I LYLAS wish i could BRT S double K XOXO GTG L8ers!
Verse 2:
i LOL at you can't you read it you say
WAM but i don't slow down
IDB no time to wait
you say GKR WGO i thought we were BFFs


ending:they say lololololololo they say lololololo they say lololololololo they say llllo they say lolol yeah
brdige repeat 2 times 2nd time you repeat it repeat it while singing chorus
lo lo lol yup yup yeah
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