Little Sundress
by Chris Cagle

Flip flops and bottle tops strewn across his hotel room
What a night, what a party what a place, Cancun
Got your purdy little head on my sun burnt chest
Girl we're wasting the day away
And it sure feels right with you right by my side
And I barely even know your name

Baby your deep blue eyes, and yours golden Tropicana tan
And the taste wine on your sweet lips sure did me in
Never felt like this from just one kiss
Never been in such a big old mess
Till I saw you in the moonlight dancing in that little sundress

The band was grooving had everybody movin' to the rhythm of a reggae tune
All the people all the faces all I saw was you
Now I'm wrapped in your arms and I never wanna leave this below the border love affair
There's a plane taking off with an empty seat and I don't even care


Ain't it crazy how I found you in a world full of girls
Girl what did you do?


Na na na na
Na na na na
Na na na na na na na (x2)
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written by Akins, Rhett / Davidson, Dallas
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