Little Joe
by Red Sovine

Red Sovine

Some time ago I was sippin on some coffee
And havin some ham and biscuits, when a motion
Caught my eye through the truck stop window, it was
Little lost puppy, half staved and shaking from fear, well
I just had to make friends with him, so I picked him up and
Put him in the cab and buddy he took to that truck like he was born there.

Well, I named him Little Joe and as I watched him sleep from the seat
Beside me, that’s when I knew that Little Joe would be with me for a long long time.

Well a few months later a was talkin to my old friend Teddy Bear on the ol C.B. , not paying much attention to my back door, when Little Joe started barking up a storm, I looked up and saw a smoky in the mirror and I slowed my rig down just in time , but you know something Teddy Bear heard a Little Joe barking and he said “hey” big red let me talk to your partner and I said “you got it good buddy”, how’s your old smoky situation Little Joe and Little Joe said “RUFF” ah that just tore him up and the next 200 miles just flew by cos everybody on that C.B. wanted to talk to Little Joe.

Well one night we were headed through the smokies in east Tennessee and Little Joe started acting real nervous, I heard the sounds of lightning on the ol C.B. and suddenly we were in the worst storm that I had ever seen. All at once I saw head lights comin straight at my rig, someone was blinded in the rain, so I swerved fast just barely missed a camper full of kids, but the shoulder gave way and we crashed over the side of a mountain, and when I woke up my truck was on fire and I couldn’t move, but somehow Little Joe grabbed me by the collar and pulled me away from that burning rig.

Well I was in the hospital the next time I woke up and the doctor was there to break the bad news. The accident had taken my sight ah god now I cant even drive and that’s when I realized how helpless Teddy Bear must have felt before the miracle happened that made him walk again and then I thought, well now where’s Little Joe no anybody said anything about Little Joe where’s ah I was so sad cos I figured Little Joe had given his life to save me.

Well my brother ask me to come live with him and when he opened the door to my new room I heard an old C.B. just a blaring away, well I couldn’t wait to grab that mic and the first voice I heard was my old buddy Teddy Bear, ratchet going in the distance, so I broke for him and he came right back to me, why it was almost like old times again. Teddy Bear was a yakin away unloading all the latest news on me and gettin louder and louder.

But all of a sudden a sound of an engine seemed to drown Teddy Bear out, and I said HEY what’s going on, Teddy Bear said open your front door good buddy I’m just outside. Lord the roar of engines seemed to rock the house and all around me I could hear a familiar voices and slammin doors ah I couldn’t hold back the tears, all my friends were there and then I heard something that I couldn’t believe Little Joe that bark ah it had to be Little Joe and no sooner then that he was all over me and I put my arms around my old partner and the tears was streaming down my face and then I felt something strange Little Joe hadn’t worn a collar before and attached to the collar was a handle, a hush fell over my friends and I realized Lord my new eyes were standing at my feet
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