Like a Good Neighbor
by Rance Allen

While on my way going to and fro
Trying to do good and let my goodness show
The enemy came tried to take my life
He took all I had and I don’t know why
While I was down and needed a friend
... Some stopped and looked and started walking again
They walked by on the other side
And I hung my head and I began to cry
But like a good neighbor Jesus was there
He said “lift up your head, don’t you despair”
Like a Good Neighbor Jesus was there!
He bound up my wounds, healed my broken heart
He put me together where I was torn apart
He gave me a place where I could lie down
He said “Peace is yours right here, right now”!
I said “Oh Lord Please don’t leave my side!”
He said “Don’t you worry, you are my child!”
So from then on, whenever I’m stressed and depressed
I look to Jesus, He gives me rest!
Rance Allen
Lyrics submitted by Mike Jackon.