Light Within
by Janice Kapp Perry

The spirit giveth light to ev'ry man that cometh to the world."
The spirit shineth bright in ev'ry one that trusteth in the Lord.

Life could be so easy Fear would fly away, If I but choose to follow the light of Christ each day
But there are certain times when I feel inclined to find my way alone,
There are lonely days when it's hard to pray,
And I wander on my own,
Then something brings me to my knees,
Dear Father, "I begin And suddenly I feel the light within."

I have felt His spirit Touch me as I pray,
And I have felt Him lead me when I've lost my way
And I am very sure when my heart is pure,
He's with me every hour,
When His perfect love comes from up above
I am filled with Heaven's pow'r
Then suddenly within my mind,
The veil is very thin I'm happy when I feel the light within

Yes, God will light the way for me
If I invite Him in, His spirit is the light
I feel within His spirit is the light I feel within.
Lyrics submitted by Sara Kresge.