Life Without You
by Blue Highway

Last night I had a dream my dear
I dreamed I saw you again
Your smile was just as lovely as the day it all began
I saw your face I touched your lips I felt your warm embrace
Then I woke up alone and you were still gone
and the loneliness lay in your place

If death is worse than cryin'
because God took you away
Then why do I long each day to be gone?
Life without you is worse than the grave

If I had my way I'd join you today
I'd leave this old world here below
I'd meet you up there in that land bright and fair
Dear Lord, I'm ready to go
But I'll have to wait here and dream of you dear
Till my number is called to come home
Until that glad day when I hear you say,
"My Love you're no longer alone."
Lyrics submitted by Samdaman.