Let's Have a Revival
by Bill Gaither

Verse: 1
Sometimes we’ve just gone through the motions,
left the spirit out, no power in our program, no victory in our shout,
but God will give us back the joy, let’s open up the bible,
lay aside formality, let’s have a revival

Let’s have a revival from the pulpit to the pew,
let’s have a revival that starts with me and you,
that reaches out to a lost and hungry world to bring them in,
this is our joy, it’s our survival, let’s pray for a holy ghost arrival
let’s have a revival.

Verse: 2
I asked an old time preacher how revival came back there,
he said we always started down on our knees in prayer,
just open up the two books, the song book and the bible,
if you sing and preach the word you’ll have a revival.
Lyrics submitted by Nancy Espe.