Let's All Make a Bomb
by Heaven 17

And as the low aggress the high
All you can do is sit and cry
You've only got yourself to blame

Don't try to stop me; it's too late
My mind's made up; this job won't wait
There's nothing left for me to say

Hey! There's no need to debate
It's time to designate your fate
Take the M out of M.A.D.
Let's all make a bomb

Take one hundred scientists or more
Place in a room and lock the door
Let them confer for half their lives

Unlock the door; go in and see
What they have made for you and me
A brand new toy to idolize


Although the war has just begun
Ignore the sirens; let's have fun
Put on your best; go out in style

Although our future's looking black
We'll go downtown and join the pack
Let's celebrate and vapourize
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